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Investor Services

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After starting out in the real estate industry we quickly learned that you could get affordable work but it wouldn't be professional. You could certainly get professional, quality work but it wouldn't be affordable and would price you out of otherwise great investment opportunities. Altana was founded to bridge the gap between affordable renovations and quality workmanship.


At Altana, we offer comprehensive investor services from acquisition to end sale in addition to property management.

Residential & Commercial Renovations

  • Wholesale Inventory

  • Deal Valuation

  • Acquisition Management

  • Project Management

    • Quality contractors with professional workmanship

    • OSHA Compliant Safety Program​ for Prime and Subcontractors ensuring maximum asset and employee protection

    • Daily Construction Reports & Weekly Summaries with Pictures

    • Interior Finish packages by style and price range to easily achieve your desired interior aesthetic. 

  • End-Sale

    • In-House Realtor for easy transaction management

  • Quality contractors with professional workmanship

Property Management


Please visit our property management website at for more information

  • Tenant Screening & Background Checks

  • Marketing

  • Coordinating Property Maintenance

  • Periodic Inspections with Pictures

  • Tenant Turnover / Light Property Renovation

Intangible Services

  • Valuable Market Insights

  • Fair, Transparent Pricing 

  • Quality Workmanship

  • Fair, Transparent Pricing

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